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Real Patient Testimonials

Adult orthodontics puts a smile on the face of working mom
I am so very proud of the end results. I find myself smiling more frequently! I became a patient of Dr. Darin Ward because I was clenching my teeth so hard that the recession was starting to show on my front teeth. This made me start to feel self conscious and I started to look for a... Continue Reading ?
New smile, new confidence for a calgary proffessional with adult orthodontist
It’s never too late for a perfect smile; if I could do it again, I would! I was blown away by the service provided by Orthodontist Darin Ward and his staff, who made sure that each visit was pleasureable. Dr. Ward has proven that he cares about his patients and how their teeth will... Continue Reading ?
Okotoks orthodontist for great services!
“I would recommend adult orthodontics to anyone at any age looking to improve their smile! It is worth it! Sometimes in life you come across special people whose joy and service are contagious and uplifting. Dr. Ward is definitely one of these people! Dr. Ward and his staff have go... Continue Reading ?
A young girl gets the confidence to smile
While her orthodontic treatment is still in the works, Michaela has stopped covering her mouth when she smiles! I tell everyone about Dr. Ward’s office! All of the staff at Okotoks Orthodontics were very helpful and exceeded our expectations: we recieved honest answers about pric... Continue Reading ?
Okotoks mom overcomes apprehension and gets a big confidence boost.
I was supposed to have orthodontic treatment in junior high but was afraid, and have always regretted it. But now it is a huge confidence booster having a great smile! I have two small children, and I experienced prompt appointments, friendly service, and flexibility: Okotoks Orthodo... Continue Reading ?
Helping kids feel comfortable, at okotoks Orthodontics
Kaydence is shy, and our biggest concern was making her comfortable: everyone at Okotoks Orthodontics exceeded my expectations and she just loves coming to the office for visits. Our chief concern was space for her adult teeth to form a correct bite. Kaydence is shy, and our biggest ... Continue Reading ?
Adult ortho help her love her smile
Orthodontic treatment has changed my self-image for the better because I love my smile now. Yes I would recommend Dr. Ward to my friends. I came to see Dr. Darin because I don’t like how my canines stick out and my bite does not fit together. One of my favorite things about Dr. Dar... Continue Reading ?
Successful Orthodontic treatment plan
I came to okotoks orthodontics because I wanted to straighten my smile, especially my lower teeth. Dr. Darin provided a clear treatment plan and completed it within the time frame I expected, and they were really flexible with my schedule. My favorite thing about the office was the... Continue Reading ?